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Friday, November 28, 2008

I've have been tagged for the first time

I was tagged by Katherine (beadfreak22)

Here are the rules
Seven random/weird facts about myself
1. I am into true stories ie. Aliens, UFO's, crime.

2. I don't like the colour of my hair which is red.

3. My dog likes to sleep under the blankets in the bed in winter.

4. I like to listen to Kylie Minogue.

5. I don't think that I am that creative with my cards as I should be.

6. I like looking at the stars at night.

7. I don't mind the hot weather that we get in South Australia, Austrlia.

I am tagging 7 people that I think have very interesting blogs and they are as follows:

1. Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine

2. Melyssa aka:croppixie

3. Jennifer Scull

4. Gina

5. Anne Power

6. Sue Daly

7. Amy


Sue at Stampndaly said...

Thank you Tanja, I am so honored.

Jennifer Scull said...

thanks for the tag! what a neat way to get to know everyone!!! :)

fishlips said...

hehehhe congrats on being tagged!!!!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

congrats on being tagged....I am sooo pleased you tagged me..what fun..thank you! *~*

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

congrats on being tagged....thank you soo much for taking me...what fun! *~*

Burninrubber said...

OH, must get busy on this! Fun things to learn about you!

Katherine (beadfreak22) said...

Fun stuff, Tanja! Thanks for playing along!