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Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Craft Goals for 2009

1. Make at least 6 Christmas card per month
2. Make some jewellery each month
3. Work on my Jewellery making blog
4. Try and use my stamps alot more
5. Try to be more creative with my greeting cards and other things
6. Post my Christmas cards late November - early December
7. Organise my cardmaking supplies into container with labels
8. Make my own gift tags
9. Do some christmas crafts ie. bon bons, beaded napkin rings, etc.
10.Decorate noodle boxes ready for christmas to put wrapped lollies, etc in them
11.Try and update my 4 blogs regularly



Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

Happy New Year ...I do hope you succeed in all your goals and many more! *~*

Maria said...

good luck with the goals! Have a fabulous New Year!

Jaspere said...

Good Luck with your goals. I plan on making a few of them myself. One of hem is to start making Christmas cards in July.

Ann said...

You are WAY more ambitious than I am! Good luck!

Happy 2009! May this year be your best one yet! :D

Cheryl Walker said...

Happy New Year!!!! Good luck with all your goals!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year...I hope you reach your goals!

Lisa Graves said...

Best of luck with your goals. My goal is to use more of my stash... I have way too much stuff.

Marnie said...

Love your goals very inspiring!

Melyssa said...

Making christmas cards each month if a fantastic idea!! Good luck with all your goals.