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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GC062 - Anniversary Card 002

1 card (16cm x 9cm) - white or cream
Gold mesh hearts x 2
Gold hearts x 2
Red handmade paper
Happy Anniversary saying

I put the mesh hearts through the sticker machine and then I attached it onto the gold heart. Then I put the gold and mesh hearts through the sticker machine.

I used double sided tape to attached the red paper onto the white card, then I attached the hearts onto the red paper.

I printed the Happy Anniversary saying onto gold translucent paper then I put it through the sticker machine and attached it to the card



Jaspere said...

I love that mesh look on the hearts. I'm a texture gal myself.

Stephanie said...


Lyn S said...

This turned out lovely Tanja, I love the mesh hearts!