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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Basic Instructions for a Shaker Card

Supplies you will need

3-D Foam Strips
Overhead Transparencies or Acetate
Fillers such as mini beads, punches, confetti, sand, glitter, etc.

Plan your shaker box for your card. Stamp your focal point that will show through the window and set it aside.

Cut a “window” out of contrasting cardstock or paper to make a frame for your shaker box.

Cut your overhead transparency to be the same size as your frame.

This step is important - attach the transparency to the backside of the shaker box frame. The transparency is supposed to be between the cardstock and foam squares. This is where sometimes get mixed up and accidentally attach the transparency after the 3-D foam strips instead of before.

Use 3-d Foam Strips to line the outside edges of the shaker box right around the opening. Close to My Heart's 3-D foam is so nice because it comes with both strips and squares of different sizes to accommodate the size and shape of the shaker box.

Put your chosen filler inside the box.

Peel off the adhesive cover from the foam strips.

Carefully attach the focal point to the back of the shaker box. Attach the shaker box to your card.
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Michelle said...

Wow! Very descriptive! Thanks for the tutorial!